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Ramon nunez 1
Tank Deadpool! first Patreon creation yes
Ramon nunez 2
People! I can't start this character series without Tracer, c'mon is OVERWATCH!
Ramon nunez 3
ooooh boi! Things are getting MAD around here
Ramon nunez 4
"Shotgun T" the first character of my Animal Killdom series, ready for battle?
Ramon nunez 6
Shotgun T splash art sketch
Ramon nunez 5
"Bazooka" second character of Animal Killdom, hellyeah!
Ramon nunez 9
NieR Automata! break from animals today, inspired by one of my favorite artists Kim Il Kwang
Ramon nunez 8
M. Bison! I can't leave out my favorite game, Street Fighter
Ramon nunez 7
Katarina! Daaamn I was struggling to draw this lady, you will see it in the video XD
Ramon nunez 10
Sashimi BBOY! I will make a speed painting of this buddy talking a bit about my process and sharing some tips on my Patreon
Ramon nunez 11
Bulma!!!! I'm almost done with term 1 and I can't leave behind Dragon Ball Z
Ramon nunez 12
Morrigan! my first fan art of Darkstalkers, old animes are the best

Yooooo I'll be sharing process, brushes, videos and mentorship on:
Term 1 is almost ready so if you like what you see come and join to us