Draw my Beast #2

Ramon nunez 1
How many arms do you think you have? Day 15 Drawmybeast Sometimes we take several works at the same time because we feel like superman but at the end of the week we are like SUPERTIRED... take your time if you want to do a good job.
Ramon nunez 2
"Horses have no fingers" Day 16 Drawmybeast People think that "you can do it" is a good way of motivation and it's true but sometimes "You can't do that" is more powerful. Especially when you are in the bottom and the only alternative is going up.
Ramon nunez 3
Smiling like a Hippo Day 17 Drawmybeast Sometimes we are like SUPER worried when received multiple corrections or fails with our proposals and forget that it's perfectly normal at the beganing because is adaptation and both parts should be satisfied.
Ramon nunez 4
"Listen bro, I need to sleep and you need to STOP making imaginaries lines, we are done working today!" this is me talking to my brain after so many hours of work, closing my eyes and keep seeing Photoshop. Day 18 Drawmybeast
Ramon nunez 5
I'm not sure if you already know but you can get my brushes for FREE! the only thing that you need to do is share this buddy for no reason or tag a friend in the coments who need them :D :D https://gumroad.com/ramonn90
Ramon nunez 6
Second try of this "tourist" situation, damn environment is hard...
Ramon nunez 7
"My neck is killing me" Day 19 Drawmybeast Since we recently moved we've been working on bad desk, this kind of work sometimes damages our back, neck, eyes... so try to improve your environment if you want to do this for long time x_x
Ramon nunez 8
"Skunks don't always stink" Drawmybeast Sometimes we have this idea "if we don't receive powerful feedback it means that our art is bad" that is bullshit, just keep working guys

Yeaah I now I now, I have been lazy with these buddies, too much work lately but I will try to manage my time better :)