Term 6 (Patreon)

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After Joffrey there was no one better to draw than Lady Olenna
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This dude is going to survive until the end of the game, what do you think?
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I've been dying with all the theories of how little finger dies in the last post, I must ask, how do you think Arya would die? or she will live to the end?
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The story of this buddy is really sad, if you know what I mean
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"You idiot... you fucking idiot"
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I presume she must be so worried right now
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Bronn is one of my favorites on GOT so far, I like people who start from the bottom ⚔️
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Hi there guys! Continuing with this Game of Thrones edtion term 6 is finaly done, I want to say thank you for your support, we are almost ready with this season, I feel that I have developed a little more my technique and I will feel comfortable working in new content for you https://www.patreon.com/ramonn90