Doodle Series #12

Ramon nunez 2
Rengar vs Katarina!! I can't show you what I'm doing on Riot but I can do some fan art
Ramon nunez 3
Marvel vs DC! My buddy Gabriel asked me for a collab and I though this is a nice opportunity to play with textures has he does with his amazing work, also I think Deadpool is looking for another kind of relationship
Ramon nunez 4
At some point I will get tired to draw Logan but not today! what you think about the movie?
Ramon nunez 5
Drawing Time, I don't know how many of you know this buddy but is one of my childhood heroes, yep that's right, no Superman no Spidey... SPAWN!
Ramon nunez 6
Why Junkrat looks so happy? It's because he drank to much gasoline? It's because he watch to many cat videos? Why god? so many questions...
Ramon nunez 7
Furi Kuri! one of the crazy, dinamic and weird anime I've ever seen and I would like to have like 1000 seasons of this but good things last little, that's part of the magic... anyway go and check it, is one of my favorites so far
Ramon nunez 10
This morning I was thinking, "today I will draw something really happy" and I did this... what is wrong with me?
Ramon nunez 11
Swords + Vampires = BLADE!! I drew like 100 "comics" of this guy when I had like 8 years old
Ramon nunez 12
Venom challenge for no reason! just for today, go and draw this beautifull creature in danger of extinction
Ramon nunez 13
Batman challenge only for today, I'm a mess with line art for comics so now I'm studying some stuff
Ramon nunez 14
Today my guest is THOR for the daily challenge! I'm studying which brush looks more like the traditional inking, this one is interesting
Ramon nunez 15
Things are going to be a little darker around here
Ramon nunez 16
As many of you know I'm a big fan of Superman (no, I'm not) however I really like Bizarro
Ramon nunez 17
Justice League for today! yeezus this woman looks thugh
Ramon nunez 18
Punisher! Sketch before bed
Ramon nunez 19
VIOLATOR! Because clowns are cute sometimes
Ramon nunez 20
I spend all day having this ideas about what to draw and when I sit in front of my tablet my mind goes blank, shit, I hate when that happens, so "random guy" for this time
Ramon nunez 21
One of my biggest challenges is to maintain the same flow I have with my pencil but using ink brush, sounds easy but it's not when you are out of your comfort zone... BATOU in da house
Ramon nunez 22
I was working while I saw blade II, damn I love colors in the movies of Guillermo del Toro, another experiment for today
Ramon nunez 23
If any time in my life I do some comic of Blade, this would be definitely my version of Jared Nomak..
Ramon nunez 24
It seems that the world is going to hell, starting with my country Venezuela, very sad to see these selfish dudes with power... it's a bit strange to express my complaint drawing the Joker but I guess that's how I see the leaders currently
Ramon nunez 25
Papa's got a brand new toy and is the Cintiq 13HD! daamn feel so good, I could do lines all day, Daredevil for today
Ramon nunez 26
What do you think about the new movie of Ghost In The Shell?
Ramon nunez 27
Black Panther! this is another experiment with some new brushes, trying to improve some comic render
Ramon nunez 28
Experiment #2 Apocalypse, this is getting fun
Ramon nunez 30
It's coming
Ramon nunez 31
Back to some old brushes that I had forgotten, Blanka!
Ramon nunez 33
Heavy Jaw, 30min spitpainting
Ramon nunez 34
Wolverine sketch, back to my old intuos, I have more control with this one

It's been a while since my last "doodle series" post around here, I returned to my old roots in the comic, I hope to improve some new stuff, more fresh and interesting, also now I've been working on my new cintiq, but to be honest I feel more comfortable with my old intuos