Term 2 (Patreon)

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Yoooo Term 2 is here and comes with Spidey
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Today is one of those days that I can spend hours on one single sketch and never feel 100% satisfied, damn hate those days, I let Pharah without colors this time, tomorrow will be better
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It's fucking me MARIO! #gameover
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Princess Peach #gameover
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Bowser #gameover I've added a few more Shooter/Bomb stuff because I love this
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I can't finish this Mario Bros series without LUIGI!
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It seems that Blossom has some updates #powerpuffgirls
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Buttercup exploration #powerpuffgirls
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Bubbles! there you go #powerpuffgirls
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Late night sketch
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Salazar Bet - Animal Killdom
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Princess Zelda - Let's go with games this time
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Medusa! :O

Term 2 is almost ready here is a few things I've been working these days :D
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Thank you guys! I lov ya