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Draw this in your style challenge

Having some fun with friends and bae <3

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Ok I took this beautifull girl from Chabe Escalante and turned into a sort of dark anime character for the #DrawThisInYourStyle challenge! I'm sorry okey, I just...

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The rule is simple! draw this badass girl with your style and show me the magic 🤣 #DrawThisInYourStyle

Ramon nunez 36493740 10213567480596269 4148197852494954496 n

Time to put some order on this mofoka! let's start with my pal David! love this girl!!! nice one bro :D #DrawThisInYourStyle

Ramon nunez 36669902 10213573385983900 6848838859761909760 n

Who want some tuna? It's Max time for #DrawThisInYourStyle
nice character boi!! :D

Ramon nunez 36802293 10213598017759679 2306382938142408704 n

My bae Calleriana did the #DrawThisInYourStyle and of course that I need to do it cuz I love this plant 🤣

Ramon nunez 36969116 10213620597684163 7984297985120927744 n

Did you think I was done with this stupid challenge huh? well NO! I really want to do this gurl from my buddy Hicham #drawthisinyourstyle

Ramon nunez 37202228 10213659579658688 7442884874622468096 n

So yeah I started the character of Rafael for the #DrawThisInYourStyle and it seems that I end up doing a portrait of me on Monday mornings, I don't know what happened ...