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Short stories <3

Hey guys I’m working in some short stories while I share the process (Speedpainting) and talk a little bit in my new Youtube channel, If you want to take a look here is the link: thanks!!
(English Captions) :)

Ramon nunez 1

"Monday" inspired in Calleriana feeding betty in the morning <3

Ramon nunez 2

"Sorry... I'll be late" Is Betty helping? Of course she does 😁

Speedpainting "Sorry... I'll be late" (skip to 7s)

Ramon nunez 3

"Breakfast" Bloqueo Creativo / Creative block! How you overcome the creative block?

"Breakfast" (Speed Painting) El Bloqueo Creativo (skip to 14s)

Ramon nunez 4

"Back to work" I recently went with Ana to Paris for a few days, we visited beautiful places and bought a couple of books that inspired me to make this illustration... wonderful experience

Paris Arte y Libros (Vlog) - Back To Work (Speedpainting)