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Term 5 (Patreon)

I wanted to draw Game of Thrones for a while, I'm really into this last season and I'll like to show you a little bit more about expression and character interpretation, so don't forget to subscribe to my Patreon for more :D

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I just saw the new ep of GOT and I'm having an overdose of inspiration, winter is coming to my Patreon

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You can say many bad things about this lady but she has known how to play the game of thrones

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Nothing is better than a wild romance on the other side of the wall, Am I right?

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I can't draw Tormund without Brienne reaction

Ramon nunez 20258414 10211058049102050 3021964030891491143 n

"Give your uncle a kiss!"

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What I like about #GOT is that anyone can die, who do you think will be next?

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I was struggling with this little bastard face, you will see in the video